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 If you already own your own business or dream of creating a new life, then you know how confusing it can be. It seems like there are so many yet no options at the same time. It is difficult to chart a course when there is everything and nothing at once. Or, you may already be clear on your direction, but lack resources, expertise, guts or any other number of limiting factors to forge ahead. In the end, going it alone is, well, lonely. Being a member of a mastermind group is what can make the difference. 


If you think of it, every successful businessperson, athlete, actor or top former has had at least one coach by their side. There's no shame in not knowing every step. It is not a sign of weakness to turn to others for guidance. A mastermind group serves as both your coach and personal board of directors. The group is unconditionally dedicated and committed to one another's personal definition of success. 


Because the synergy of the group is so vital to its success, an application and conversation are required for acceptance. Please write to Master Mind facilitator, Mindi Epstein, at, or fill out the form below.

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